Mew's BBB Bio!

Mary Ellen "Nuclear" Wessels

is the Black Book Band's lead female vocalist and also plays guitar, recorders, and hand percussion. Mew began her singing career fronting the all-girl techno-pop group, the Valkyries. The band met with very little success in the U.S., but played to sold-out houses during the European Blonds Am Bitchin' Tour when the musicians began wearing horned helmets and brass breastplates on stage. Her career recently peaked when she starred in the opening (and only) performance of the rock opera "Albatross: with the Moose Jaw (Alaska) Lite Opera and U-Lock Storage Company.

Unexpectedly out of work, Mew joined the Black Book Band during the Sour Grapes Tour. Mew also performs with Tartan Roadkill, a Celto-Irish punk rock band, and she will soon be releasing her first solo album, "Mew'S Spews." Her major ambition in life is to arrange and star in what she sees as a badly needed addition to the operatic repetoire entitled "Wagner for Attention Deficient Audiences: The Thirty-Minute Ring Cycle."

In her copious spare time, Mew is a professional student finishing a B.A. in English Lite; she hopes to graduate before the turn of the century. Her senior honors thesis is entitled "The Lack of Bovine Imagery in the Poetry of Martin Farquhar Tupper." Mew's hobbies include tole painting, latex cross-stitch, and collecting feminist deconstructionist translations of Tom Clancy's works.

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